Its hard work being a 2024 parent, we have children to raise, errands to run and places to be; sports training, sports practice, school parent helpers, work emails, more emails, and then there is dinner, what to make for dinner, the constant question that plagues you every day. 

Amongst all this, we have to be available for ourselves to look nice, feel comfortable and also be timeless, contemporary & somehow pull off flattering pieces, for the modern women (or men) like us on the move.

How is it that certain people always look so polished? Well, I can assure you that they do not wake up like this. Personally, I look like a drenched rat once I have come out of the shower, I am naturally brunette by nature, and I have Mariah Carey hair if it is not styled. But we do have a routine, which makes life easier, what it comes down to is being confident about your personal style. Your wardrobe reflects your own unique personality, and styling your home is a lot like styling your wardrobe.

A simple exercise is to take a snapshot of your wardrobe. Personally, I do not hold much colour, I know what I like and more importantly what I do not like. My wardrobe dominates shades of black, with subtle tones of tan and burnt cinnamon hues, with a 90s touch of denim and white.

The irony when looking at my home is that it follows a similar pattern. I hold many black décor pieces as naturally I am drawn to these, an antique brown leather couch, a heavily textured black table, with Resene Black White walls with European limestone/marble venetian plaster featured throughout. My décor features organically shaped vases, and a statement piece chameleon ombre amber glass vessel, with snakeskin geometric texture.

Just like interior décor, dark colours are grounding. It is only natural we are drawn to darker items on the bottom, raising our eye to lighter hues - it is easy on the eye, as nature provides this for us daily. For me personally, it is a given that I wear a darker colour waist down and opt for lighter on top.

If you are struggling with your style, look at combining the two (wardrobe and décor), chose your favourite palette, possibly two-three colours, and an accent metal and stick with it! Look at your wardrobe…what colours are in there? It is tones of brown; maybe you love mustard. Do you have a tan leather handbag? Is it all the colours of the rainbow, and you have an eclectic style?

Next time when looking for that outfit or décor piece, take note of your palette, and if in doubt, refer to your style. If you have brass accessories in your home, match this with yellow gold – don’t stray from your motif. Keeping a clear idea of your palette will help the decision-making process when looking for your next outfit or décor.

If looking for that new piece look no further than NES in Hamilton, with their edgy & enduring style, they have amazing possibilities for you.

NES, exclusively made in New Zealand, was established in 2001 and will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year. At NES, the focus is on designing clothing that helps women feel and look amazing. Recognizing the common issue of purchasing clothes that often end up unworn, NES is dedicated to creating timeless, edgy, and empowering pieces that women will love, cherish, and wear repeatedly. The quality of fabrics and the fit of the garments are of utmost importance to the brand. NES values customer feedback and frequently makes design adjustments or creates new styles to ensure their customers feel stylish, empowered, and beautiful.

You can find the NES flagship store and creative studio on Barton St in Hamilton, as well as visit their website at

Image featured is from Nes Winter 2024 catalogue