Colour psychology of design, a philosophical approach

As it gets colder during these winter months, often we find ourselves more indoors. Colour has a significant impact on the human emotions, and psychology plays a huge part with Interior Design with its many nuisances.

I have heard a lot of talk in recent times, about everything in magazines being just black and white these days, and yes, I would have to agree. For those with eclectic taste you may notice more than the average person. I have pondered on this, and wonder could it be the psychological impacts associated with technology? We are often now-a-days on a computer or smart screen managing our daily work lives such as emails, word documents, even reading or in my case writing articles.

I thought to myself this is an interesting topic, could the introduction of the mass Black and white home designs be due to this? The fact that black and white homes have grown so substantially, could this be because we are seeing this daily, so we feel at ease with what our brains have adjusted to seeing – or alternatively uneasy – hence the increased rates of anxiety and stress with our younger generations. As I am writing this on a word document, I am staring at a white screen with black font. Majority white, with a black accent, funny, or alternatively not so funny. 

I wonder, can we try to incorporate more colour into our children’s rooms once again, and provide a daily dose of inspiration. My daughters’ room, beautifully bold, with a mural wallpaper, Karen Walker paint in colour Blanched Pink, with white trim, and gold accents. I am loving the new release James Dunlop range of furnishings in cordial; Tulip and Blush are my favourite, these are so soft to the touch, a nice feeling for a child to sink into. It adds a touch of glamour to your darling daughter’s room! I have many selections of upholstery fabrics; you are welcome to schedule a time to view my fabric ranges.

I would love to do a nursery room in lilac I think that would be adorable.

Helpful Tips, when playing with colour:

To create a calming interior, use soft colours; sky blues, sage, lavender often you will see hospitals using these colours. If you like a neutral palette, then warm beige and muted earthy tones will also work. White is also peaceful.

Excitable and vibrant? Use colours such as warm reds, orange, or maroon. Yellow is associated with positively – think emoji smiling faces, bright red can trigger anger (think angry emoji face…)

Thinking about creating a man shed? Darker hues such as navy blue, help create a more masculine feeling (also subconsciously portray loyalty) on the opposite spectrum you could use turquoise for a more feminine touch.

What is my favourite colour? Black. An interesting colour, many argue technically it is a shade, whichever way, it is multifaceted. Black can exude confidence, and sophistication, or show sadness and depression – this depends on how you use it, yet also how it is perceived, it can trigger fear or gain respect.

Décor is a simple and affordable way to introduce colour, the use of cushions, throws and linen is all it takes. And do not forget the feel of fabrics – I believe this to be just as important, but that is just my opinion.

Wanting to refresh your children’s bedroom – take the first step and simply ask them what is your favourite colour? You will be surprised at the answers, and how particular they may be.