The twist candle is an absolutely beautifully hand crafted candle poured with a natural soy wax blend, made right here in New Zealand.  Available in both Black and White.

Dimensions - 15cm tall 

***Please Note***

The Twist candles are all made to order so please allow up to a week for dispatch

Our white candles are more of a creamy colour than some of our pictures may appear, this is due to using a new soy wax that is better to work with but does give a more off white creamy finish 

Due to these candles being handmade they may differ slightly from pictures and have minor imperfections. Soy wax can frost at times and you might see white marks on your candle. This is more visible in our coloured candles.

Keep your candle out of direct sunlight, especially in warmer months.

These candles are made for decorative purposes, however if you do wish to burn these - please make sure you have a drip tray under your candle and never leave unattended.

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