curtain-designI know!  It's pretty scary to try and measure your shades - I'm lucky that I have a builder for a husband to help me!

I've put together some helpful tips for you to measure your windows - if you would like this on a pdf with picture instructions then feel free to drop me a line, I'm happy to help!

Tips! Please read first team!
How to Measure your roller blinds:
*Please provide precise measurements in mm(millimeters) only.
*I recommend using a metal or rigid tape measure for added accuracy.
*Because some windows are not always perfectly square (timber moves over time) you must measure the width of the window in three separate places (top, middle and bottom) as well as the height (left hand side, middle and right hand side).  Please provide only the shortest measurements (width & height).  
*Also make sure that any window fittings (latches) will not get in the way of your blinds)

Step 1: Record the width first to the nearest
Step 2: Next measure the height - otherwise known as the drop! 

Step 3: Which way / How do you want them to look?
There are two ways your roller blinds can look.  They can sit within the window frame, or sit outside the window frame.  So from here on in we refer to either inside or outside fit.

For Inside Fit.
To fit blinds inside your window frames, the frame needs to be at least 70mm deep.

For Outside Fit.
Roller blinds with an outside fit cover the window and the frame.  Measure the width from the outside edges of the frame or architrave, measure width and height, then add 70mm to both measurements - only if you want the fabric to cover the entire architrave. (recommended)

For outside fit with no architraves.
Measure the opening of the window and add 100mm (once) to provide an overlap each side.

For the drop measurement, measure inside the window frame from one edge to the other in the centre.  Add 100mm (once) to this measurement to provide complete coverage of the window.

Step 4:
Shades can be installed as BACK or FRONT roll options.  Think of toilet paper on a roll, some like it back facing some like it front facing.  Choose your preference, we won't judge!