Top 3 Home Decor Products of 2022

Here are my top 3 FAV home décor products this 2022, but before I disclose these, you may be wondering what do I look for any why?

When looking for home inspiration the internet is full of ideas.  However you can’t beat your traditional magazines, and I subscribe to a few favourites such as NZ Home and Garden and VOGUE LIVING, it is so nice to relax in the sun with your favourite read.

I love décor that is classic and that would stand the test of time, therefore anything marble usually hits the list!  I also like a good “cheap on trend” product – something that you see a celeb have and think oh gosh I want one of those.

Lastly something small and cute that you can give as a gift – or that home décor piece that just screams, I want that now, usually a candle or book does the trick!

Top 3 of 2022

1. The Blob/Wavy Mirror

I first came across these on Instagram scrolling past @Tammyhembrow I was like oh that’s different! Just a really chic vibe.  I was still remodelling my home at the time, so never got one for myself, but if I was to do a beach home right now - it would be on my list for my master bedroom. These can also be called a wavy mirror, this is my fav style below – it’s a bit longer for a full mirror as you can get this style of mirror in many different shapes and sizes.
Black Asymmetrical Wavy Mirror for Wall Irregular Mirror - Etsy New Zealand

2. Mr Wavy Calacatta Viola

@lil_pietra has taken my heart with some of my fav products this year – and taking the stage at number 2 is the Mr wavy marble tray!  Super cute and ever so lush!  Pics thanks to @homesnob! Mr Wavy Calacatta Viola, is definitely my favourite!  Make sure to follow both these Australian beautiful insta accounts for some home inspiration, add some glamour to your home at a fraction of the cost.
Natural Stone Pieces – il Pietra

3. AD, Architectural Digest

What can I say I am a bit of a book worm geek! The Most popular book – it’s everywhere this year – AD, Architectural Digest!  I can see why, the white/neutral @threebirdsrenovations vibe has taken both Australia and New Zealand by storm!  This oversized sand tone hard-cover book, would suit so many spaces, esp. your beach batch!  On a bookshelf, your coffee table or console, layer it up with some other small neutral books and it looks amazing. You can get this from so many stores these days!

So there you have it, three home décor accessories that are simply gorgeous – if you are stuck for Christmas ideas, then this should help!  Remember, if it is on sale then you are saving money! Girl Math.

Until then