2023 Resene Colour Trends

Underplayed earthy naturals, caramels, muted tones, and olive greens will set the stage for many homes in 2023.

Some of my favourite colours from the 2024 Resene Fashion Collection are Salted Caramel, Athena, and Amaranth. Think of your living area sun kissed with a soft warm glow, subtle curves and architectural arches, inspiring wall art of the Cinque Terre, an Italian seaside or an Apulia archway. Add some interest with vintage pieces and aged vases.

Mediterranean interiors will make an appearance again with the use of Venetian plaster. The unique texture will provide homes with more depth and definition.

Paper-Mache bowls with curved lines, help to show us that it is ok to be imperfect and unique this year.

Spaces will see more archways and bends, bathrooms with niche's will be more curved softening lines to create feelings of relaxation.